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Versatile QSCs are a great addition

We recently added some new QSC K12 speakers to our stock and we love them!

These powerful (1000w each), attractive cabinets have a clean, punchy sound with low end that belies their size (especially when you engage the 'Deep' DSP mode QSC have included).

We chose the K12s (from an impressive list of active cabs available) for their looks, huge number of connectivity options and their on-board QSC 1000w amplification. We have used them several times so far from a single cab with an SM58 wired directly in, through dry hire for parties and weddings to large corporate events with these providing fill for the main PA and every time they deliver superb results with no fuss.

Paul says 'I can see us adding more from the range from QSC in the future, including the 8 and 10 inch versions. These are great little cabs that can be used in so many ways they are hardly ever left home when we work an event.'

For more information on the K range of QSC speakers, head over to the manufacturer's website HERE

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